Your Thyroid

How to heal your thyroid and your fifth chakra.
What you need to know to heal thyroid conditions like hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

By Javier Ramon Brito

Thyroid conditions are best healed when you embrace a holistic approach. This article tells you how to address the physical side, the emotional side, the vibrational side and the subconscious side for healing thyroid imbalanced conditions.

The physical side

It is well known that the thyroid gland –the largest of all the endocrine glands- regulates the rate of metabolism of human cells by secreting the hormone thyroxin, which is mainly composed by the mineral iodine and the amino acid tyrosine. When there is insufficient thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism), the body tends to feel cold and the person may experience obesity, a puffy face, sluggishness, slowness or lethargy. When there is an excess of thyroid hormone (hypertiroidism), the person experiences a feeling of heat, anger and restlessness, with bulging eyes and the body tending to lose weight.

People with hypothyroidism are usually prescribed specific doses of the hormone thyroxin. Alternative medicine suggests the herbs Kelp and Dulse, thyroid glandular concentrates, the minerals iodine, potassium and sodium and the amino acid Tyrosine. Alternative medicine also recommends eliminating from the diet some potential aggravators like cabbage, mustard greens, peanuts, soybeans, turnips, millet and pine nuts. At times, checking the zinc status and/or trying B complex, A and C vitamins is also advised. Ayurveda would suggest –among other things- following a Kapha pacifying diet when the person is overweight, or a Vata pacifying diet when the person is primarily nervous or anxious.

For people with hyperthyroidism other medicaments are prescribed by conventional medicine. There are also homeopathic remedies like Thyroidinum or Iodum. Chinese traditional medicine, on its part, recommends remedies like Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan or Long Dan Xie Gan. And acupuncture can also be of help. Ayurveda would suggest –among other things- following a Pitta pacifying diet.

The emotional side

While the physical part of an imbalanced thyroid is normally addressed, little attention is usually given to balancing the emotional side of the imbalance. A notable exception to this is the case of people who resort to vibrational remedies like flower essence remedies to help balance also the emotional side of a thyroid condition.

In the case of a hypoactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), the Bach Flower remedies Clematis and Wild Rose, taken together, are helpful to correct a lack of enthusiasm and drive, drowsiness and lack of interest in life, while Hornbeam is useful for feelings of weakness with stress and overwork. Larch is useful for feelings of despondency due to a lack of confidence.

In the case of a hyperactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism), the Bach Flower remedy Cherry Plum is helpful to control those strong, suppressed emotions, while the remedies Impatiens and Vervain -taken together- are useful for severe nervousness and hyperactivity. Finally, the remedy Oak is helpful for people who are grim and put too much pressure on themselves.

The vibrational side

People with problems in the thyroid area usually have a pattern of feeling that they are held back by something, that there are obstacles in their way to success and happiness and that they are prevented from achieving, living or experiencing what they desire because of external barriers. They keep asking when it is going to be their turn to enjoy life in the way they want and deserve.

This feeling pattern, when maintained for a long time, might give rise to hypothyroidism when it is accompanied by constant frustration, or hyperthyroidism when it is accompanied by constant anger or rage about being held back or held down from achieving their goals.

In both cases, vibrational sound healing can be of help to restore balance to a thyroid that is being affected. The thyroid, as any other organ of your body, resonates to a specific sound frequency measured in hertz and just listening often to this frequency –with headphones- can help you align and balance your thyroid gland. This thyroid frequency is offered on this site as a downloadable mp3 product together with a full set of sound healing frequencies for the main meridians and related organs of your body.

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Listening to this precise healing sound frequency is already easy and practical. In addition, if you are a practitioner of either Kinesiology or the Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.) you can tap the thyroid gland point (which is located in the hollow of the neck by the joint of the clavicles, about 2 inches below the Adam’s apple on the neck) while you listen to the frequency. Or you can also simply “hum” or chant the sound –matching its pitch- while you listen to it, in order to further increase your personal resonance with this sound healing frequency.

The subconscious side

Another interesting thing that is not normally addressed when trying to heal thyroid conditions is that, because of some experiences or social conditioning, people with problems in the thyroid area somehow have also (or have developed over time) a subconscious pattern (i.e. they are not consciously aware of it) of self-sabotaging or blocking themselves from achieving their goals. They usually say to themselves “if only I had this or that, I could finally live my dream”. Or, “I will finally do (or have) what I want when all this and that is fixed, when all these previous conditions are met, when I finish doing all those other things first”.

Money is usually the number one pretext for people not doing what they really want. Time is usually the second. Support by people is usually the third. "I need enough money first” or “I need to have the time to do it" or "I need enough support from people to do it" are common phrases.

But there are other pretexts that people with non-optimal thyroid energy subconsciously use to keep blocking themselves from living or experiencing what they want. It might be anything that they perceive as obstacles coming from their families, their work environment, their society, their country, the world situation, or even the cosmos and the universe. The "blame" for not living a dream can really be placed anywhere, depending on how people have been subconsciously conditioned over time, without being conscious about it.

It is because of these learned perceptions that people who suffer from thyroid conditions usually end up placing themselves at the end of the row over and over again, without reaching their destination and eroding along the way -little by little- their hope to ever achieve it. The worst, even comic, but exemplifying phrase I have so far heard coming from someone with an imbalanced thyroid condition has been: “Oh, I will live the experience I want in another life”.

Hope is closely related to the thyroid meridian. So mentally placing things between your desire and its accomplishment, as when you say to yourself “I will do (or have) what I want when I finish doing all those other important things first”, offers little practical help to build your hope and heal a thyroid condition, because you will be postponing the experience you are aiming at. You will be delaying it, which is what is causing the thyroid imbalance in the first place: the feeling that you are held back by something from experiencing what you want, the feeling that something is delaying the achievement of your wish.

So what is the way out? The way out is to stop subjecting the experience you want to external conditions. Do not wait for external circumstances to adjust first to start living an experience. “How?” you may ask. Here is how: focus on the very essence of the experience you want to live and live it at whatever scale is available for you in the present.

If you cannot have the full cake, have at least a slice of it. Do not wait until you can have the full cake for you to taste a piece of it. Example: if you want to express yourself through painting, do not wait until you have all the money, the time and social support to have a big atelier in Paris to start painting something. If all you have is a pencil, a piece of paper and 15 minutes of time, draw something creative on that paper. If you want to experience being a teacher, do not wait until the very best school hires you or until you build your own big school to start teaching. Make yourself available for individual private lessons if it is all you can do at present and take it from there.

Do you get the point? The important thing is to live the very essence of what you want, at whatever scale, in the present, not in the future. Experiencing it, at whatever scale you can, will give you the feeling of it, the connection to it, the expression of it. The thyroid is located in your fifth chakra, the chakra that rules communication and expression of yourself. The important thing to balance your thyroid energy is to express yourself freely, at which scale you do it comes second.

Activating the flow of energy in the direction you want, is the key. An imbalanced thyroid condition reflects a blockage of energy. This blockage of energy might even have the form –and symptoms- of depression. And depression is ultimately -and metaphysically- a lack of expression. So to remove this blockage you need to activate the flow of energy by expressing and experiencing what you want, even if it is in a small scale, and keep doing it. This will shift your vibration and the energy of your thyroid gland and your fifth chakra. And the more you do it the better you will feel.

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