Cure Nausea with Natural and Holistic Remedies

How to alleviate nausea with natural and Ayurvedic remedies. Address also emotional causes. A holistic and metaphysical approach.

By Javier Ramon Brito

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"Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food"
~ Hippocrates

Ayurvedic and Natural Remedies

If you are experiencing nausea, the first thing you want to do is to stop the unpleasant symptoms. Generally speaking, Ayurveda considers nausea as a symptom of an excess of kapha in the body. So it is wise to avoid kaphagenic foods (fried foods, frozen foods, dairy products, wheat, nuts, sweet and salty foods) while you have this condition. Have dry, light foods instead (preferably warm). Spices are good. Salads are good (but with very little oil). Apples and cranberries are good.

In addition, pursuant to Ayurveda, you can effectively address and cure nausea with pure natural remedies. Ayurveda uses the medicinal properties found in the right nutritional food ingredients. To cure nausea, you can use the following:

Ginger. Ginger is a very effective remedy to stop nausea, motion sickness and morning sickness. It not only aids digestion but also alleviates constipation and stomach and colon spasms. You can use fresh ginger, dry ginger powder or ginger caps. Fresh ginger is more effective as a remedy. You can either crush the fresh ginger root to extract the juice or chew a small piece of it and swallow its juices.

Spearmint helps to alleviate nausea and vomiting. It may also alleviate gas, cramps, and slight spasms.

Rosemary. A rosemary tea also helps to alleviate nausea, along with gas, indigestion, gas and fever.

Coriander. An infusion of coriander seeds -prepared as a tea- might also be helpful to relieve nausea, gas and vomiting.

Onions. Onion is another useful Ayurvedic remedy. Dr. Vasant Lad teaches that one-half cup of fresh onion juice with two teaspoons of honey taken internally relieves nausea, vomiting, cough, spasms and asthma.

Celery, Okra and Spinach. Dr. Donald Lepore discovered that a deficiency in organic sodium could cause nausea, muscular weakness, mental apathy and heat exhaustion. It is important to stress the fact that by organic sodium he means the natural mineral that exists in our body and in vegetables such as celery, okra and spinach. It should not be confused with the inorganic commercially produced table salt.

Comfrey and Garbanzo beans. Dr. Lepore also discovered that the amino acid L-Lysine (which is present in the herb Comfrey, in garbanzo beans and in high-protein foods) can be used to alleviate “a feeling of helplessness, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, anemia and depression”.

Lecithin. Lecithin (which exists in all living cells of the body) helps to digest fats. So a lack of it might cause digestive problems such as nausea and intolerance to fats. Notice that lecithin is high in phosphorous and is manufactured in the body by Choline and Inositol. Pain or pressure behind of the head of a person might mean a shortage of choline.

Find the Possible Emotional Cause

If you are holistically aware you may want to go beyond the pure physical realm and explore the possible emotional cause of your nausea. To get there, consider that the main organ and meridian affected when you have nausea is the stomach. The stomach meridian relates to a specific emotional state, which is contentment and tranquility, as Dr. John Diamond has discovered. Feeling psychologically nauseated by something unbalances the stomach meridian, which also happens with emotions such as disgust, disappointment, bitterness, greed, emptiness, deprivation and hunger. Interestingly, noise also affects the stomach meridian.

Louise Hay teaches that the possible cause of nausea is fear or rejection of an idea or experience, and that problems in the stomach involve fear of the new, or being unable to assimilate the new. Coincidentally, Dr. Rudolph Ballentine considers that morning sickness involves fear or a feeling of not being in control.

So, if you give some thought to it, you might discover that behind your physical feeling of nausea you may have an underlying emotion of rejecting, not accepting, being discontented, being disappointed, being unsatisfied or even afraid of something new. Some people transmute these feelings and find satisfaction and contentment when they do something relevant for themselves and others.

Positive Affirmations to Relieve Nausea and Stomach Problems

If you are a positive thinker you might be aware of the law of cause and effect and of the law of resonance (a.k.a. the law of attraction). Therefore you may wish to use positive affirmations to overcome your nausea problem and restore your balance. Positive affirmations are effective when they are made in the present tense, they are positively phrased, and they have an emotional reward.

Healing with positive affirmations always involves releasing your unbalancing emotions and replacing them with balancing ones.The key is to repeat the positive affirmations to yourself until you manage to change your vibration regarding something.

With that in mind, I have prepared for you an audio recording of positive affirmations for your stomach, which incorporates and targets the emotional causes behind stomach disconfort. I hope it helps you feel better. You can download this audio, so you can listen to it as much as needed on your computer or mobile device.

Immediate download

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75 75 75

A Metaphysical Note for Sensitive People

It is interesting to note that some metaphysicians have expressed the view that particularly sensitive people may experience some sort of nausea, pressure in the back of the head or dizziness as the result of some shifts in the geomagnetic fields of the Earth. These geomagnetic shifts have been acknowledged and studied by the NASA scientists for some time. Metaphysicians see these changes as part of a shift in global consciousness towards a new era of higher vibrations and values. And the good news is that in case the above symptoms are felt by particularly sensitive people reacting to those changes, those symptoms will pass eventually as the changes are integrated.

In the meantime, the Ayurveda natural remedies and the suggestions in this article to positively address your emotions may prove useful and helpful to alleviate any feeling of nausea and restore your natural balance.

The Five Paths to Happiness

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