How to Unmask False Gurus

Tips to avoid being misguided, deceived or manipulated by false gurus.

By Javier Ramon Brito

We live in times of evolutionary change. Any model or organizational structure based on manipulation, deceit, or illegitimate power is crumbling.

We are marching towards a new era ruled by higher vibrations and values that are aligned with integrity, authenticity and respect for all the people involved in any given process of interaction.

While the new models and organizational structures are not clearly defined, people are looking for real answers and meaning, amidst the over abundance of information that is produced in our global world.

People are looking for guidance, but are often misguided by those who regurgitate the manipulative values of the crumbling system or by false gurus.

Here are some tips to unmask the false gurus:

They induce fear

This is the worst kind of deceivers, because fear is the most disempowering feeling for mankind. As Philip Smit points out, "fear is what is robbing you of your success or healing. It blinds you from your destiny."

Yet false gurus often resort to inducing fear through their teachings. They often claim to speak in the name of a higher authority or source or even in the name of God, portraying this high authority or even God as an entity with the same kind of negative feelings that humans have (anger, worry, rage, revenge, distrust).

Whatever name you use for God, the divine source, the highest source of all, or the universal force or energy that creates all, know that God’s essence is infinite love and joy and is always empowering. God is not a punisher. Human disgraces and sufferings are not dictated by God, but by the lack of God.

They induce doubt and confusion

False gurus are experts in instilling doubt in you by questioning what otherwise feels natural to you, as in the case of sexual love. They use a scale of “moral” values that serves no one but an organization or congregation, not the individual, the society or mankind.

They make you feel guilty

As a consequence of whatever moral scales that do not resonate with nature, joy, freedom, love and respect for each other, false gurus make you feel guilty through dogmas, instilling in you the belief that you are a sinner in nature and that you have to be punished for that or be redeemed by ways that they, the false gurus, control.

They teach you to portray yourself as a victim

Some false gurus induce the false belief that suffering is “a way to get closer to God”, as if God or the divine source were pleased by your suffering or self-negation. A loving father or a loving mother never wants suffering for their children. Quite the contrary.

They discriminate against groups of people

False gurus often discriminate against groups of people. They do this by claiming to be "the sole holders of the truth" and picturing all the rest outside their organization as wrong, inferior or even as an enemy. They sometimes even pinpoint a specific group of people and discriminate against it for specific motives. Discrimination, whatever the motive, is not an act of love.

They demand sacrifices

False gurus occasionally demand sacrifices to their followers or make disempowering requests to them that go against human dignity, self-respect, or respect for others.

They preach one thing and do another one

False gurus sometimes unmask themselves by preaching one thing and behaving themselves in a way that runs contrary to what they preach or teach.


A true way shower teaches by example and is ruled by authenticity, honesty and coherence. A true way shower is authentically interested in the betterment, growth and development of every individual. A true way shower’s teachings never restrict joy or love. A true way shower’s teachings are always synchronized with nature, self-respect and respect for others.

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