Relieve Fatigue and Exhaustion the Natural Way

Enjoy fighting fatigue without caffeine or stimulants and without crashes or withdrawals. Use only natural remedies and get more energy.

By Javier Ramon Brito

Exhaustion and fatigue might result from various physical, emotional and psychological conditions. Some obvious causes are known, like physical overexertion or prolonged stress or anxiety. A lack of motivation can also lead to it. But how about those cases where the person is fine and all of a sudden starts feeling spent, fatigued and exhausted for no apparent reason?

Something that most people ignore is that if you wake up in the morning with a voice that has dropped its normal pitch, sounding hoarse, husky and rough, it is a sign that the mineral sulfur is low in your body. And if you wake up with a throat full of phlegm, that is also a sign that your sulfur is low. This was discovered by Dr. Donald Lepore in his many years of research on nutrition and energy.

We are not talking here about toxic chemical sulfur. We are referring to the mineral sulfur that is present in all body cells. This mineral helps to dissolve acids in the body. It also improves circulation and helps to normalize heart action.

The important thing here is that a lack of the mineral sulfur can cause -among other things- an extreme exhaustion and fatigue for no apparent reason.

OK, but what causes a drop of sulfur in the first place?

Fats are antagonistic to sulfur. And these include not only the usual meat fats, but ALL kind of fats, including dairy products (like cream, butter, etc.) and oils. Some people tolerate meat fats and oils but not dairy fats. Some other people do not tolerate meat fats. Some other people do well on dairy but not necessarily on oil or meat fats. Not all people are the same when it comes to metabolism.

I am not prescribing here a general fat free diet. What I am telling you is that an excess of some form of fat (depending on your metabolism) at some point can trigger a low in your sulfur. And if you are concerned with an associated fatigue or exhaustion that you want to cure, what you have to do is to correct this imbalance, so that you start feeling good again.

How do you supplement your body with the needed sulfur in cases like these?

Various natural food sources are rich in sulfur. The easiest and most practical one is garlic. But there is also sulfur in eggs, onions, kale, watercress, turnip, cabbage, radishes and cranberries. So choose the source that best suits you and make sure you are not intolerant to one of those specific sources.

Garlic, by the way, is highly regarded in Ayurveda. One reason is because it is nature’s powerful antibiotic. Another reason is that it can dissolve cholesterol. One more reason is that it has a reinvigorating effect on body functions. A fourth reason is that it provides several minerals (sulfur, manganese, potassium, copper, zinc, selenium, iron and calcium) and vitamins (B1, C and A). And still one more reason is that it provides the “beauty mineral” (sulfur) that is concentrated in your skin, nails and hair. Talking about beauty, you may wish to know that sulfur is also necessary for the synthesis of collagen in your body.

Are there other natural remedies to relieve an occasional fatigue and exhaustion?

If the occasional fatigue is not due to a drop of sulfur in your body as explained above, you might consider other alternatives. I am not suggesting you to resort to energy drinks that might produce a “crash-and-burn” effect. Nor am I suggesting you to resort to “the good old coffee”, because Ayurveda has demonstrated that the stimulant in caffeine has an after-effect of depression.

Look out for natural remedies. Echinacea and Astragalus (two herbal immune stimulants) might provide help in the long term. For an energy boost in the short term (during the recovery stage), you have the so called tonic herbs. Fo-Ti (which is a Chinese herb that acts as a tonic for the endocrine glands) is one. Ginseng (which is a tonic for the cardiovascular system, improves muscle tone and stimulates the brain) is another one. Gotu Kola (which does not contain any caffeine) might also help, because it increases mental and physical power. Electrolytes are highly recommended, especially if you want to avoid dehydration.

What about cases where the fatigue or exhaustion is accompanied by specific symptoms?

Homeopathy can also help if your symptoms are very specific. For instance, Nux Vomica 30c is good if you are a competitive and ambitious workaholic who is experiencing fatigue from overwork. Sepia 30c is good for the weepy worn-out woman that dislikes company and feels depressed. Carbolic acid 6c is good for physical and mental fatigue when it is accompanied by band-like headaches, nausea and a very sensitive sense of smell. Calcarea carbonica 6c is good for practical hard-working people who take on too much and experience fatigue accompanied by sore throats and a chilly but sweating head (especially at night).

What if the fatigue and exhaustion are related to specific feelings and emotions?

You can resort to the appropriate Bach Flower remedies. Olive is the right remedy for people who are physically and emotionally exhausted. It is good for general weakness. This remedy has also been considered helpful in cases of anemia, inability to perform and heart insufficiency. The Olive flower remedy can be combined with Wild rose (which is good for feelings of resignation, apathy and little desire to make and effort) if you are someone whose strength has been drained to the extent that you practically vegetate and remain resigned and uninterested. If there is weakness accompanied by nostalgic tendencies, a combination of Gentian and Honeysuckle might help. Gentian is good for feelings of discouragement, while Honeysuckle is good for nostalgic people who dwell in the past and feel that they are not up to the present challenges of their lives. Finally, there is Hornbeam, the remedy that helps people who have a "Monday morning feeling" and need the strength to deal with their daily duties.

Are sound healing and music healing also helpful?

Certainly. From a sound healing perspective, fatigue and exhaustion are usually associated with your first Chakra. The first Chakra is the energy center associated with vitality, grounding, good health, being comfortable in body, stability, safety, prosperity, trust in the world, and the ability to be still.

The Muladhara Chakra is the first of the main seven chakras. Muladhara is the Sanskrit name for "root". This first Chakra is located at the base of the spine. Its paths of energy extend downward -like a root- through the legs and feet to connect with Mother Earth below. Its color is usually red and its symbol is a lotus of four petals, within which there is a downward-pointing triangle, symbolizing the root energy.

If you want to use sound healing frequencies to overcome fatigue or exhaustion by balancing and aligning the first Chakra, try the first Solfeggio frequency or the Red Sound Color frequency. Listening to these frequencies for some minutes can help you. The use of headphones is recommended to benefit the most from these frequencies vibrationally.

Music healing is also helpful. It is a sound healing principle that drums, percussion instrumentation and steady rhythms -as in tribal dances- are beneficial to balance and align the first Chakra.

With this in mind, I composed and released my song First Chakra Dance", which has been designed to balance and align the first chakra with drums, percussion instrumentation and steady rhythms. You can preview it and download it here. Just listening for some minutes to this music can help you vanish your fatigue and feel more energetic.

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