Tune Up your Body Meridians and the related Organs of your Body

How to balance your body meridians and their related human organs. From Acupunture to Kinesiology, EFT and Sound Healing. Download the sound healing frequencies for each of the meridians.

By Javier Ramon Brito

"Your meridians are your body’s energy bloodstream" -Donna Eden

When it comes to healing holistically specific organs of your body, the knowledge about the meridians of the human body becomes most relevant and useful.

What are the body meridians?

If you observe a Chinese acupuncture map of the human body, you will see hundreds of tiny dots that pursuant to Chinese medicine can be stimulated with needles or physical pressure in order to adequately release and distribute the energy that runs through the body, so that healing occurs and health is maintained and promoted.

Those dots or acupuncture points can be grouped in 12 main energy pathways that connect the dots. These pathways are the meridians of your body. The meridians carry the vital energy into, through and out of the human body.

Each meridian is named after the primary organ or system that it services: the Lung meridian, the Liver meridian, the Gall Bladder meridian, the Spleen meridian, the Kidney meridian, the Large Intestine meridian, the Circulation-Sex meridian, the Heart meridian, the Stomach meridian, the Thyroid meridian, the Small intestine meridian and the Bladder meridian.

For holistic healing purposes, the Thymus is also considered and treated as a meridian. In addition, two energy pathways that are not organ related, the governing vessel and the central or conception vessel, are thought as meridians.

What is the practical use of the meridians?

As Daniel Reed points out, “the meridians not only feed vital energies to their related organs, they also reflect any pathological disturbance in those organs, thus providing physicians with a convenient and highly accurate tool for diagnosis as well as therapy.”

How can the meridians can be used to restore or promote health?

Most people are already familiar with acupuncture (the stimulation of the energy points with needles) and acupressure (the stimulation of the same energy points with physical pressure, as it is used in Chinese massage, Thai massage and Indian massage).

The Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.) is a third way. It was developed by Garry Craig from the landmark discoveries of Dr. Roger Callahan, the founder and discoverer of the meridian tapping therapy or Thought Field Therapy (T.F.T). It involves manually tapping the main meridian points in the human body while focusing on a specific problem that a person is experiencing and wants to resolve, adding along the process positive affirmations of self-love and approval to overcome the negative or dis-empowering emotions that are blocking the natural energy flow.

The Nutritional Kinesiology technique is a fourth way. It has been found through the work of Dr. George Goodheart (the originator of applied kinesiology), that certain food supplements are beneficial for specific body meridian imbalances. Dr. Donald Lepore (a nutritional research pioneer who also utilized kinesiology) further developed and demonstrated through a refined "muscle response test" technique how to pinpoint metabolic antagonists and measure exactly how much of a needed nutrient --which could be a vitamin, a mineral, amino acid, herb, cell salt or homeopathic remedy-- a person needs to neutralize the metabolic antagonist and restore health.

The Behavioral Kinesiology technique, discovered by Dr. John Diamond, is a fifth way that entails using the body meridians to unlock the power of your emotions. It is based on his major discovery that each of the twelve acupuncture meridians relates to a specific emotional state, so once a specific negative emotion of a person is identified and correlated to a specific body meridian, the problems is resolved and life energy restored through very specific and targeted positive affirmations that activate the optimum energy state for the body meridian involved. This is tangibly measured and demonstrated by using Kinesiology’s muscle test.

The Sound Healing technique is an innovative sixth way that also works with the body meridians and the organs of the human body. It works by using the specific sound healing frequencies at which each organ of the human body resonates. This is based on the scientific fact that, as Barbara Hero (a mathematician and sound healer) has discovered through her research, not only the orbits and spins of our planets, but also the chakra energy centers of our bodies and each of the different organs of our bodies have specific musical tones at specific frequencies measured in hertz. She discovered these specific frequencies.

Sound healing therefore can be used, as acupuncture or acupressure, by placing vibrating tuning forks (previously calibrated to the specific healing frequencies for each organ) on the meridian acupuncture points related to the organ(s) where an imbalance exists. This is sonic acupuncture, or acupuncture without needles.

And there is also electronic sound healing, which works by producing electronically the exact, specific sound healing frequencies for each organ or meridian. In this case, people can listen to the sound healing frequencies (preferably with headphones), and benefit from the healing vibrations pursuant to the principle of resonance, which states that anything that vibrates (as it is the case of the meridians and organs of the human body) reacts sympathetically to its harmonic vibrations.

Listening to the precise healing sound frequencies is already easy and practical. In addition, you can tap the meridian points while you listen to the frequencies, or simply hum the sounds to further increase your personal resonance with these frequencies.

Download the sound frequencies for the body meridians

You can download the exact sound healing frequencies for the main body meridians and organs of the human body here.

When you check out with the secure payment server using your PayPal balance or your credit or debit card, you immediately get the download link. You also receive in your inbox an instant email with the link to download these frequencies.

Be sure to download the frequencies to your COMPUTER (PC or Mac). Do not try to download them directly to your iPhone or Ipad because these two Apple products have limitations to download. So download the frequencies first to your COMPUTER, and then transfer them to your mobile device from your computer, if you wish.

Listen to these frequencies for healing purposes. Use headphones to benefit the most from these frequencies. Enjoy them.

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The Thirteen Healing Sound Frequencies for Your Body Meridians


(13 mp3 files, wrapped in a single ZIP file for easy downloading)

Listen with headphones
to a 5 second sample of
the Thymus Frequency

*The Thymus Meridian Frequency
*The Lung Meridian Frequency
*The Liver Meridian Frequency
*The Gall Bladder Meridian Frequency
*The Spleen Meridian Frequency
*The Kidney Meridian Frequency
*The Large Intestine Meridian Frequency
*The Circulation-Sex Meridian Frequency
*The Heart Meridian Frequency
*The Stomach Meridian Frequency
*The Thyroid Meridian Frequency
*The Small Intestine Meridian Frequency
*The Bladder Meridian Frequency

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you purchase the frequencies, you will receive an email in your inbox with the link to download. Then be sure to download the frequencies to your COMPUTER (PC or Mac). Do not try to download them directly to your iPhone or Ipad because Apple products do not let you do so. So download the frequencies first to YOUR COMPUTER (PC or Mac), and then transfer them to your mobile device from your computer.

What my customers say...

"I have been using the healing sound frequencies, and they do work. Your music, words, and all you do is magic, Javier. Thank you". Nanxi

"I infinitely thank you for the sound healing frequencies. I will put them on my smart phone to keep listening to them and I know they will bring me great benefit". Carlos

"I was in search of a vibrational treatment like yours. I fully believe in it and have faith in sound therapy. You have cleared my doubts about listening to the sound frequencies". Dewan

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