The Indian Calendar's Positive Predictions for 2022 and 2023. 

A message of hope and optimism based on the ancient Indian Calendar

By Javier Ramon Brito

Indian Calendar

The need for a positive signal

In the midst of all the changes that the global pandemic has brought to the world, people are in urgent need of a positive signal about the future.

All around the world, people want to transcend the feeling of living in constant fear and distrust. The pandemic has taken a deep toll on their psyche and people want to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

They need to know that a new era -where they can enjoy their freedom again- is coming.

Obviously, this psychological need cannot be satisfied by the mass media, which only focuses on the negative sides of the global situation and thereby continues to propagate the state of fear and distrust that people want to overcome psychologically.

Therefore, the signal that people are looking for has to come from another source. People have to look elsewhere.

Ancient wisdom

Ancient spiritual wisdom seems to be the only place where some answers can be found.

One source of this inspirational wisdom, that offers a positive signal for the future, is the ancient Indian calendar, known as Panchangam (also spelled as Panchāngamu, Pancanga, Panchanga, Panchaanga, or Panchānga, and often pronounced Panchāng), which contains important dates and astrological calculations.

The years in the Indian Calendar

It turns out that according to this Hindu Panchang Calendar from India, each year has a specific name in Sanskrit, which has been given to it on the basis of the impact that it could have on humans and the environment, according to this astrological system rooted in the Vedas. So each name has a meaning and reflects a global prediction for that period.

The Indian calendar has 60 names for all the Sāṃvatsara (years) and each name repeats itself after 60 years. See the reference below to find a full list of the years and names. (1)

Each year typically starts in mid-April. This is interesting because some spiritual seers and visionaries currently speak of some sort of a mass awakening or a significant positive change starting in April 2022.

Now, here comes the interesting part...

2022 and 2023 in the Indian Calendar

This might surprise you. In the Indian Calendar, "Vikari" was the Sanskrit name of the year 2019-20, which seems to have lived up to its meaning of "disease".

Next, "Śarvarī" was the Sanskrit name for the year 2020-21, which lived up to its meaning of "darkness".

OK, but what is next?

This is what you want to know. The Sanskrit name for the year 2021-2022 is called "Plāva", which means "that which ferries us". The text of the Varāhamihira Saṃhitā says: “This will ferry the world.... taking us out of the darkness, to reach a state of reverence”.

And the year 2022-23 is called "Shubhkrut", which means “that which creates an auspicious sign" or simply "auspiciousness".

So there you go. There is a positive signal for the coming future, encoded in Sanskrit in a system of ancestral wisdom of knowledge.

We have to be thankful to the traditional Indian wisdom and science that centers and translates to us the quintessence that our modern minds seem to ignore.

Spread the message

Lets hope that this positive signal and prediction is known by more people, so that their minds find peace and transmute the current thoughts ruled by fear for thoughts of hope and optimism for the coming future. This may have a positive ripple effect in the collective consciousness, raising it and transforming it vibrationally for the better.


(1) See the full list of 60 years in the Indian Calendar HERE

(2) Watch this video that someone made with a similar message about the predictions of the Indian calendar.

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