Overcome Disappointment Easily

Do not let setbacks prevent you from living rich experiences.

By Javier Ramon Brito

What is the right thing to do if you have a disappointing experience in your life?

If as the result of a situation in your life you find yourself nurturing feelings of disappointment, uncertainty, despondency or skepticism, you might be tempted to fend off further experiences of the same kind to avoid being disappointed again.

In this scenario, your thoughts will most likely follow your feelings. And your thoughts will also keep feeding the same kind of feelings by construing the facts of the situation with further skepticism and mistrust, together with generalizations.

Inadvertently, you will be building a belief in your subconscious mind that future experiences of the same kind should be avoided to protect yourself from disappointment. You will carry with you the seed of discouragement, despondency and pessimism that may condition and influence your future in a direction that you do not really want.

How do you break this vicious circle?

Firstly, focus on your feelings, not on the situation. Maybe you cannot change the disappointing situation, but you can certainly work on your feelings. Pinpointing and recognizing exactly how you are feeling is very important as the first step towards healing negative emotions.

Secondly, realize that feelings along the line of discouragement, pessimism or even reactive depressions are negative emotions that deplete your vitality. So indulging in them is not therefore the answer. Have the will to change your vibration to allow you life force to flow freely.

Thirdly, changing your vibration might not seem an easy task, but it does not have to be difficult either. Do what works best for you in order to shift the focus of your attention towards seeing, imagining, smelling, listening or doing something different that brings positive energy to you. Whatever helps you to shift your vibration any time you are about to relapse into the circle of negative thoughts or emotions.

Sound healing, by the way, might help you to effectively change your vibration into a more positive one. Sound healing, when used scientifically, is a powerful tool to transform negative emotions and feelings into more positive ones. In this case, the healing sound frequency of 111 Hz, which is associated with cell rejuvenation and the release of beta endorphins, can help you to transform a pessimistic state into one where you feel more optimistic and feel better. Listening with headphones to this frequency for some minutes, stimulates your Pineal gland to naturally produce and release beta endorphins that reduce emotional pain, make you feel better, more optimistic and more positive.

You can get the 111 Hz sound frequency as part of the Solfeggio Frequencies bundle, which for your convenience is available as a downloadable product.

Fourthly, find your inner center of balance. Any form of meditation will be beneficial for this. Alternatively, consider taking some drops of the Bach Flower Remedy Gentian, which is the appropriate soul therapy that gives vibrational assistance to people who are despondent and discouraged, helping them to overcome those feelings in a natural way.

Fifthly, use your powers of reason to see and evaluate your experiences in perspective. Open yourself to understanding that in any process of personal development there are bound to be setbacks, whose role is to help you to set your sights more accurately for your next step. If you grasp the sense of the developing process, you will be more able to accept the rough with the smooth as the two sides of a coin, the coin being your own development. In this way not only will your confidence grow but you will also be free from preconceptions and binding beliefs for the future. You will not be prevented by a limiting subconscious belief from living new rich experiences. Your trust will not be diminished, because you will understand that every situation that comes into your life is different and offers new possibilities. Your past will not rule your future. You will.

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