Why Joy is the Number One Priority to Manifest Your Dreams.

Understand joy from a healing and metaphysical perspective to improve your life.

By Javier Ramon Brito

Why joy is the number one priority to manifest your dreams? Because,

"If you would begin to reach for the feeling of well-being first, everything else would fall into place. If you...really follow your bliss, you would immediately be tapped into the Pure Positive Essence of who you are."-Abraham Hicks.

Joy is not just something that we write on a Christmas card. Joy is something we all want to experience in our lives. Actually, it is the key to knowing when something is right or wrong for us. Derek Sivers once said: “consider it a failure if you are not happy doing it”. And, by the same token, April Garrity is so right when she affirms that “the true measure of success is the joy you feel”.

So, if it you do not experience joy at doing something, chances are it is not really worth it. Maybe this was in Duke Ellington’s mind when he said “It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing”.

The important point is that joy is the emotional state that increases the energy of life. And joy is of utmost importance in the current shift of universal consciousness. You cannot go though it without joy.

Where do we physically locate our joy? What are the tell tale signs that we are having joy or lacking it? How can we stimulate our joy?

Joy is the positive emotional state that relates to the small intestine meridian, as Dr. John Diamond’s scientific findings have revealed (I highly recommend you to read his book "Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotions"). Sorrow and sadness are the negative emotional states that affect this meridian, and you can tell you lack joy when you feel as if you could cry (unless, of course, we are talking about tears of joy).

Interestingly, the small intestine is not by chance located in the area of our second chakra (two inches below the navel). The second chakra is all about pleasure, creativity and joy. When the energy of this chakra is deficient, there are rigid boundaries, a fear of change and a lack of passion. And there might be physical disorders because of the stress that these negative emotional states put on the organs located in the second chakra area, such as the bladder, the kidneys, the spleen, the bowels or the reproductive organs. Distress on any of these organs are tell-tale signs of a lack of joy for specific reasons, depending on the organ. If you are not familiar with the emotions associated with each of the organs, you can read Louise Hay’s book "You Can Heal Your Life" to find out.

The second chakra is often referred to as the “sacral chakra” or the “navel chakra”. I personally prefer to call it “the joy chakra”. This chakra is generally perceived as having an orange color. Pursuant to color therapy, orange is precisely the color of joy and happiness. Pauline Willis, in her book “Color Therapy”, notes that “the orange color brings about changes in the biochemical structure, resulting in the lifting of depression”. She also notes that “the orange ray is used to treat stones in the kidney and the gall bladder” and that orange “has an anti-spasmodic effect and is therefore beneficial in cases of muscle spasms and cramps”.

The balanced characteristics of a healthy second chakra, as summed up by Anodea Judith in her book "Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self," are: graceful movement, emotional intelligence, the ability to experience pleasure, nurturance of self and others, the ability to change, and healthy boundaries.

As I previously said, the second chakra is all about pleasure, creativity and joy. If it is deficient, we can stimulate this chakra with the orange color, with graceful movements, or smelling jasmine and rose oil.

From the music healing perspective, all the meridians, chakras and systems in the body respond to specific musical keys and instruments. In the case of the small intestine meridian and the second chakra in general, brass instruments (like saxophone, trombones or trumpets), along with percussion instruments, rhythm and piano are recommended.

Music says more than words. So my gift to you, in this regard, is my musical composition Pleasure.

You can also watch my Pleasure and Second Chakra video here:

Again, the second chakra is all about pleasure, creativity and joy. It entails being in touch and absorbing information from your feelings. It is the feeling chakra. And, as Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith states in the book and film "The Secret" about the Law of Attraction, we live in a feeling universe. "The Secret" also underlines the power of gratitude. And to me, it is obvious that the feeling of gratitude leads to joy. So draw your conclusions.

Have joy. Joy is the way.

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