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"I am enjoying the tones for the meridians! I can feel shifts in my energy while listening." Linda (United States)

"Hi Javier. I have benefited from a CD I bought from you. You do good work".Darla (United States)

"Hi Javier. Many many thanks for your email regarding sleep - most appreciated." Amarjeet (United Kingdom)

"Hello Dear Javier, your music is great. Thank you..! I am a Turkish Healer who lives in Turkey." Yesim Banu (Turkey)

"Thank you so much for your knowledge. I am a yoga/pilates teacher and have been experiencing tinnitus for two months with one recent Xtreme case of vertigo. I'm 36, vegetarian, Ayurvedic runner and healthy lifestyle. This info is what I knew I didn't know." Melody (United States)

"Thanks for the useful info Javier . I woke up feeling really sick this morning and was good to read your article, quite comprehensive and all round advice..." Samantha (United Kingdom)

"I have to say I like your web-page. Very informative and affordable." George (Canada)

"I have been using the healing sound frequencies, and they do work. Your music, words, and all you do is magic, Javier. Thank you." Nanxi (China)

"I enjoy your inspirational writing and healing music very much. Stay joyful." Sze-Leng

"Javier, I just read through your post on How to Find Your Passion – thanks for sharing it – and particularly liked these two crucial points you’ve made: a)It is not only about "doing". It is also about "being". You like how you feel when you do it. You enjoy being yourself when you do it; and b) Experience, knowledge and technology might help you to do it better, but you enjoy doing it even in its rawest form. Like a famous basket ball player that still enjoys playing on the street. Very true. If it’s something one deeply loves doing, one enjoys it in all its possible forms and variations, from the simplest to the complex. And as you’ve rightly pointed, it’s a joyful process, a journey of a state of being. May blessings continue to come your way as your music reaches more in the world." Angelique

"I found your article about music & the spiritual very inspiring! thanks for sharing!" Carolina

"Hello Javier, I loved your numerology article... thank you for being here. Namasté." Aimari

"Aloha Javier! I have enjoyed reading your posts and viewing your YouTube video...excellent work! Blessings". Ka Ra

"Dear Javier, I'm happy to hear about your healing work, greetings from snowy town." Ari

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