The Indigo Awakening

What is the Indigo revolution? What are its main traits? Who are the Indigo children? Do you understand their sensitivities? And their mission on planet Earth?

By Javier Ramon Brito

What exactly is the Indigo awakening or the Indigo revolution? You probably know that indigo is the color that results from a combination of blue and violet. And you might have heard something vague about the Indigo children or the Indigo era, but without being given an explanation about these concepts.

The first thing you have to understand is that people have different aura colors. And these colors reveal their personality, the way they see and feel the world, their main talents and their priorities. Human society is like a rainbow made of people with different aura colors interacting with each other.

The second thing you have to understand is that the human society evolves in cycles. From the spiritual point of view, a broad picture of these evolutionary cycles resembles climbing a ladder rung by rung. It goes from the basic color red up to the higher, more spiritual colors like blue, violet, indigo, crystal and white. So the predominant vibrations in human society evolve in cycles.

Is this just theory? Mumbo Jumbo?

Not really. But judge for yourself. Let’s give a concrete example. As Pamala Oslie says in her brilliant book Life Colors: What the Colors in Your Aura Reveal: “The Blue age was strongest during the 1950s –a time when mom stayed home, baked cookies, and ‘father new best’. The Violet age began in the 1960s –a time of peace demonstrations, civil rights movements, hippies, the original Woodstock concert, and the Beatles…now that the Violet age is more empowered, people are finally turning to Violets for leadership. Global peace treaties, the demise of the Berlin Wall…global communication (the Internet), and environmental causes are all evidence of the Violet age”.

The next transition is from the Violet age to the Indigo age. What are the main traits of the Indigo aura color? Basically, higher awareness, higher sensitivity and higher principles and values. Being utterly ethical, Indigos do not want to control or exploit people. They do not practice nor accept manipulation. They live as examples of honesty end integrity. All life is sacred for them, so they respect people, animals and the environment. They are compassionate, creative, independent, self-confident, sensitive and highly intuitive.

Since some children arrived on this planet with Indigo color in their auras, information about them stared to spread. But often these sensitive people are misunderstood; especially when they show special sensitivities (or even psychic abilities) that people around do not comprehend. Or when they refuse to be controlled, exploited or manipulated by other people.

Just think that Indigo people are here to usher in a new era of peace, harmony and higher awareness. One where there is no room for manipulation. One where authenticity, integrity and respect are the rule. And after this, it will be the Crystal people who will make sure that the love of power is replaced by the power of love. Let’s prepare for that.

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