The Perfect Diet to Lose Weight and Gain Energy

A holistic approach to dietary advice that reveals an often ignored truth that allows you to eat what your body really wants and metabolizes well.

By Javier Ramon Brito

What is the right diet?

A respected professor once said: “If you want to lose weight, eat less”. But that is not what people want. What people really want is to eat tasty meals without feeling guilty about it and to have the weight and look they feel comfortable with. In addition, people want to be healthy and feel energized by food, because there is no point in losing weight if their vital energy is depleted.

In their quest to losing weight –either for health or aesthetic reasons– people seem ready to try almost everything, hoping to find a diet that produces the expected results as fast as possible and with the least sacrifices.

Some people believe that losing weight is about watching and cutting calories. Others believe that it is about increasing the intake of fiber and grains. Other people believe that it is about eating more fruits and vegetables. Others say that it is about reducing the intake of fats. Some people contend that losing weight is only about exercising more. There are people who argue in favor or against proteins and people who argue in favor or against carbohydrates. Who is right?

It depends…

When you study a natural and holistic approach to healing, you realize that every person has a unique metabolism. For instance, a person with type O blood will do very well on a protein-based diet (and poorly on dairy or grains such as wheat). But a person with type A blood usually does not digest well meat and heavy animal fats, so does better on vegetables. A person with type B blood does poorly on chicken, and people with type AB blood do well when they follow the dietary parameters for both the type A and B blood groups.

Explore food intolerances

Beyond that, you have to consider that some people are intolerant to specific foods and therefore do not digest them well. It is not the same for all. For instance, some people are intolerant to dairy products (milk or cheese). Other people are intolerant to grains or to a specific grain (like wheat, corn, rice, rye or even oats) or seed (like sesame). Some other people do not tolerate animal fats at all or a particular animal fat. There are people who are intolerant to nuts or to a specific kind of nuts. Some people do not tolerate yeast. Others do not tolerate citrus. Some other people are intolerant to chilies or even peppers.

Your unique metabolism

People have different metabolisms and you need to find what is good or bad for your particular, unique case. There is no "one-size-fits-all." What is beneficial for one person might not be beneficial for someone else.


Ayurveda (the holistic approach to healing based on ancient Eastern wisdom) teaches that people have different Ayurvedic constitutions.

Generally speaking, "Vata" people (usually thin-framed, nervous imaginative, artistic, sensitive, and creative) do well on proteins and warm, oily food, but not on dry or yeasted foods. "Pitta" people (usually medium-framed, rational, sharp-minded, competitive and goal-oriented people) do well on vegetables and cold, light food, but not on fried, hot and spiced foods or heavy meats. "Kapha" people (usually heavily framed, calm, caring and patient) do well on dry, light, warm, spiced food, but not on fried or oily foods.


As you see, when it comes to diet there is no "one-size-fits- all". What is beneficial for one person might not be beneficial for someone else. People have different and unique metabolisms. So the best holistic dietary advice is to get to know your own unique metabolism and eat accordingly. The beauty of this is that you eat what your body really likes and metabolizes well, so you keep your weight on balance and at the same time you feel energized.

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