How to Heal Your Stomach Naturally and Holistically

• Natural Remedies for Stomach Problems.

• The Emotional Causes Behind Stomach Ailments.

• Audio with Positive Affirmations to Heal Your Stomach.

heal your stomach naturally and holistically
If you suffer from stomach pain or stomach problems like bloating, indigestion, nausea, heartburn, gastritis, acid reflux, or peptic ulcers, this article might be of interest to you.

Natural Remedies for Stomach Problems

It is well known that most people resort to the usually prescribed allopathic medications to treat stomach ailments. Other people prefer instead to use natural remedies and adjust their diets accordingly. For instance, if they have gas and suffer from bloating, they avoid the cabbage family vegetables, legumes and raw foods, eating instead brown rice and taking charcoal capsules or homeopathic remedies like Nat. Phos., Colocynth or Carbo veg. They also add acidophilus and probiotics to their diets and drink chamomile, anise or peppermint teas, which are good for indigestion and sour stomachs. If they suffer from nausea, they resort to ginger. If they have heartburn or gastritis, they know aloe vera can be of help. For peptic ulcers, they increase their water intake, drink cabbage juice, follow a high-fiber diet and take glutamine supplements, deglycerrhizinated liquorice and perhaps bismuth preparations to eradicate the associated H. Pylory.

In today's world, conscious people also look for possible personal food intolerances and/or cut out common triggers like hot and spicy foods, coffee, chocolate, foods with high sugar content, acidic fruits, soda and sometimes tomato-based products. Conscious people are also aware or the problems posed by GMO foods and some chemical ingredients added to processed foods, so they try to eat more natural, organic, non-GMO foods, while avoiding soy, GMO corn, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and any GMO crop/ingredient that may be added to canned or processed foods.

This trend of eating consciously is highly plausible to preserve your health. In addition and in concomitance to it, I suggest taking also into account an important cause of stomach ailments, which might help you to have an enlarged holistic vision of your stomach problems: the emotional causes.

The Emotional Causes Behind Your Stomach Ailments

The stomach is a perfect example of the connection between mind and body. Stomach problems occur when it receives too much, too little, or the wrong kind of food for processing and digestion. Everybody knows this. What is often overlooked is that the stomach activity also mirrors the way our psyche processes and “digests” life situations and problems. Your stomach activity reflects the way you receive all the impressions that come from the outside world and the way you process and digest them.

“Food” therefore should not be understood only as physical food and meals. Because when people are faced with major responsibilities or challenges, their stomach reacts just and exactly as if it had a lot of food to digest: it responds physically by increasing the production of acids. And these acids may erode or “eat away” the stomach’s mucous lining. So in those situations the stomach may end up “eating itself” and showing physical symptoms of pain or heartburn.

By the same token, suppressed anger affects the stomach in the exact way indigestible food does. When a person constantly swallows her anger and bad mood, the stomach reflects this attitude by secreting more acids and ends up eating itself. Symptoms like gastritis and ulcers may appear overtime.

Finally, when you indulge in feelings that you do not receive what you deserve, your stomach may psychically experience this situation exactly like the feeling of hunger. And in hunger cases there is an empty stomach that ends up in a way eating or digesting itself, which also hurts and causes pain.

The stomach, besides meals, also receives and digests feelings. When you feel a heavy weight or “a stone” in your stomach it means that you have undigested feelings. You either digest them or accumulate them, in which case adiposity and obesity may appear.

The attitude of constantly “swallowing” feelings of aggression may create an ulcer in the stomach. Instead of processing and digesting the impressions from the outside world, the stomach eats itself.

Recurrent, severe indigestion cases on the other hand may reflect an exaggerated tendency to always run away from conflicts or challenges, avoiding facing them and resolving them in a timely and appropriate manner. It is as if the individual would like to have everything in a pre-digested form, exempt from harshness or crudities. That is why the individual cannot digest crude, hard or uncooked meals and prefers soft, mashed, or liquefied meals.

Individuals who instead have an active, restless mind and like to carefully analyze to death their problems and life situations over and over, postponing taking action until they reach the stage when they are completely sure about the course of action, are “fermenting” things sometimes beyond measure and therefore are prone to experiencing pain due to intestinal gas building up in the process of digestion.

Positive Affirmations to Heal Your Stomach

Using positive affirmations is a proven method for self-healing because positive affirmations do rewire our brains and increase the level of our neurotransmitters (the so-called feel-good hormones).

With that in mind, I have prepared for you an audio recording of positive affirmations for your stomach, which incorporates and targets the emotional causes behind your stomach disconfort as described above. I hope it helps you feel better. You can download this audio, so you can listen to it as much as needed on your computer or mobile device.

Immediate download

After checkout you can even choose the audio quality (the usual compressed MP3 or AAC, or the uncompressed, high-quality WAVE or AIFF). And with the fee bandcamp app, you can listen to your purchase directly on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

This audio recording contains the following positive affirmations for your stomach:

• I have a happy stomach.
• I digest food easily.
• I digest ideas easily.
• I digest life easily.
• I say good bye to disgusts.
• I say good bye to disappointments.
• I say good bye to frustrations.
• I say good bye to bitterness.
• I am content.
• I am tranquil.
• I have a happy stomach.
• I welcome contentment in my life.
• Even if something does not turn out as expected, I am ok.
• I view life from a broad and positive perspective.
• I can master and overcome unpleasant things, and emerge from them strengthened.
• I set my sight more accurately on the next step.
• I welcome fulfilment in my life.
• I stop judging myself, and my own achievements, against other people’s standards.
• The real measure of success is my wellbeing.
• I love and approve of myself.
• I have a happy stomach.
• I am confident.
• I digest the new every day and all is well.
• I open myself up to new positive experiences.
• I am content.
• I am tranquil.
• I have a happy stomach.


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