Foster Your Abundance and Prosperity

Towards new ways of creating more abundance and prosperity observing the values of the global change.

By Javier Ramon Brito

Abundance is a subject of utmost importance for the time we are living in.

If you are spiritually aware, you know that a current shift in universal consciousness is taking place. You sense that major restructurings are taking place on all levels. You see that the old models and patterns are gradually changing. Take the global economy and its effects in people’s lives and ideas as a clear example.

From the spiritual point of view, the planetary change and the restructurings are a prelude to a new era of higher vibrations. The kind of society that will emerge at the end of this process is not totally clear at this stage. But it seems rather clear that we are marching towards more cooperative models of interaction in our societies.

Those models are still not clearly defined. But there are emerging clues. For instance, it is clear that the new models have to uphold the values of integrity, authenticity and respect for all the people involved in any given process of interaction.

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New ways of generating prosperity and abundance have to be imagined according to those values, too. Everyone wants to create and manifest abundance and prosperity in their lives. It is a legitimate and natural desire. And while the Law of Attraction makes it clear that everyone can create abundance when the mind and the spiritual source is accessed in the right way, it is also clear that your manifestations are truly abundant when they are in alignment with the highest good of all, according to the Law of Dharma.

For inspiration through music, listen to my song Abundance.

The new models of social interaction should ideally create an environment for abundance oriented towards the highest good of all. Among other things, we have to probably transcend the current model where almost every aspect of human life is a commodity with a price-tag. New, additional or alternative ways of sharing have to emerge. Not only in a corrective way, as in the case of charity for those in need, or as in the case of “socially-responsible business” schemes that are rightly being proposed already.

The new models should also encompass imaginative ways for people to exchange value for value. This implies that we should probably transcend too the current culture where most things available for free are considered to be “for nothing”. The value and appreciation of what is to be shared under any new models has to be upheld. Otherwise the equation would not be completely sound. The models to exchange value for value should be for the good of all the people involved in the process.


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