The Alpha Mind State Keeps You Sane

Overcome your stress, anxiety and adrenal fatigue with the Alpha mind state.

Be more creative and productive. 

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By Javier Ramon Brito

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The Alpha mind state keeps you sane because it helps you to live with less stress, anxiety and fatigue. It gives your perception more perspective and presence, allowing you to see the "bigger picture" from a relaxed but awaken state that many people describe as being in a natural "Zen" state. And this is important because “the moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body”, as Dr. Bruce Lipton has stated.

In today´s world, stress and anxiety are on the rise. People are tense and deep down, they are not happy.

In fact, your left-brain (the rational brain) is overtaxed and fatigued because all your energy is used to process the many things and information that our modern fast-paced life requires. Your right-brain (the big picture, creative and intuitive brain) is basically dormant. Very few people think out of the box. They do not even have the time to do so.

Adrenal fatigue and dissatisfaction

So chronic adrenal fatigue, coupled with inner dissatisfaction and mental lack of fulfilment is very common. There is a “void” at the core of your emotional level. You sense that something is missing. Your soul is crying.

Your body, your mood and your physical and mental energy do not lie. They are showing you that something is wrong. That something is missing.

Stimulants are not the answer

Many people resort to stimulants in the vane hope that they will help them to be at the top of their game to face the demands of their day egregiously. But those stimulants burn your adrenal glands even further, so the next day you feel fatigued and burned out again and you feel “the need” to take stimulants again. So the circle starts again and continues.

And since you are overtaxing your adrenals, you soon find out that you cannot sleep properly. You either have insomnia or do not sleep soundly. You miss the days in your life where you slept like a baby. So many people start taking sleeping pills or depressants in order to sleep and the next morning they feel lethargic and run for that coffee or stimulant again to feel “at the top of their game” to face the demands of the new day. And the circle continues.

The ugly “modern life’s pill syndrome”

You end up having what could be called “the modern life’s pill syndrome”: having to take a pill or depressant to sleep at night and a pill or stimulant during your day to be able to perform. And in the meantime you keep burning out your reserves, slowly eroding your health and not resolving the main core issue.

Your stress, anxiety or even depression are still there. You are just masking them. And they keep growing, little by little. And deep down you are not happy. Let´s face it.

So what is the solution? What is the way out of this vicious circle?

Natural remedies and holistic practices are a better choice

The first thing to do is to resort to natural remedies. If you are going to take something to manage your emotions and energy, at least take natural products, instead of addictive chemical products which only worsen the problem.

There are many herbal remedies that help you sleep (passionflower, valerian, hops, orange blossom, morning glory, lemon balm, chamomile, etc.) and so does melatonin (which helps the pineal gland). There are also natural remedies to boost your energy and help you manage stress, like the so called “adaptogens” (Ashwaganda, Gotu Kola, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, Schisandra, Artic root or Rhodiola).

And if you want to go deeper into managing specific emotions and psychological patterns, Bach Flower remedies are there to help.

Also, I highly recommend you to learn and practice the wonderful holistic, vibrational techniques that balance your energies and meridians, like TFT, EFT, Havening and Energy Medicine.

Couple all these healthy remedies and holistic practices with healthy food according to your metabolic type and practice some exercise that is appropriate for your Ayurvedic type, like Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Kung.

Transcend the Beta state of mind

The second thing is to realize that all this emotional and mental suffering comes much from the fact that you are operating only in Beta mode. You are using your mind in a limited way. You are living in a reactive mode. You are just running like a hamster in a wheel, chasing the carrots that the modern world is offering you day by day. Only reacting to the endless stimuli from the media and the outside world. In Beta, your brainwave activity oscillates between 14 and 30 Hz.

So discover and enable the Alpha mind state. This is the brain state used by artists and people who think and feel out of the box. It allows you to transcend the reactive, hamster mode by activating the creative, intuitive side of your brain that sees the bigger picture instead of being trapped emotionally and mentally in the petty details and stimuli of everyday life.

In order to do this and attain the Alpha mind state, your brain activity needs to slow down to between 7 to 14 Hz, a much more relaxed state than Beta. It is said that Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Salvador Dali knew how to relax their minds periodically to enter into a more creative state.

Give your Beta mind a break

First of all, give your rational mind a break. Start by turning off all the unnecessary information coming out your way from the mainstream media (it is really too much information to process) and focus on what is really important to you.

Do something productive during your day (at least one thing), instead of just watching things on your phone or screen all day long. Your mind will feel more satisfied.

Be close to nature if you can, or take walks outside.

Practice silence for sometime during your day. This will help you focus.

Listen to music that soothes your vibration and brings you closer to the Alpha mind state. Music tuned to 432 Hz is very helpful in this regard.

Also, listen to music set in the 50 to 80 bpm range, which according to Dr. Emma Gray (a Clinical Psychologist specialised in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) puts the brain into an Alpha mind state.

Practice and listen to positive affirmations during your day. Preferably positive affirmation recordings that use background music set in the 50 to 60 bpm range, as said above.

Enable the Alpha mind state in your life

In addition to all the above, invite your mind to go into the Alpha mind state on a daily basis by doing any of the following:

1) Listen to music with the Alpha frequency embedded into it. Here is my Alpha Wave Jungle Meditation.

2) Listen to sounds of nature with the Alpha frequency directly embedded into it. Here is my Alpha Brain Frequency Meditation with with Jungle Birds and Water sounds .

3) Listen to the pure frequency of Alpha for 20 minutes. You can download my Alpha Wave Frequency (20 minutes) here, as part of the Brain Waves pack that also includes the Beta, Theta and Delta frequencies and explains how to use them intelligently to make your life better by rewiring your brain according to your needs.

4) Learn and practice meditation. I know this sounds “difficult” to people not accustomed to it because their rational mind wants “a fast solution” like taking a pill. But this is just a result of the “give-me-a-pill mentality” that they have built in their subconscious mind over time. It is your Beta brain speaking. And what you want to do is precisely transcend your Beta reactive mode because it is not resolving your deep core issues nor making you happy.

So guided meditations that effectively take you to the Alpha state are a good place to start. Here is my Alpha Guided Meditation with Visualization. It will teach you how to reach this Alpha mind state level just by listening to it.

And of course, if you want, you can take my full Online Meditation Class that will take your meditation practice to the next level.

As you progress moderating the Beta mind state and activating more the Alpha mind state in your life, you will perceive things differently, from a bigger picture, and will feel calmer, with less stress and less anxiety. And curiously enough, with more focus, which will make you much more productive. ☺

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