Law of Attraction Tips

By Javier Ramon Brito

"Life is but a divine journey with many opportunities to express one's highest purpose and destiny." ~Buddha

The law of attraction has been widely publicized by the movie The Secret, which has contributed to raising people's awareness about this universal law. People have been taught to focus on what they want and not on what they do not want, as "everything you focus on, grows".

Indeed, constant attention to lack is a waste of time and energy. As Confucius said, "it is better to light a candle than to curse darkness".

The concept of a feeling universe and the utmost importance of practicing appreciation and gratitude to raise your vibrations, in order to be able to manifest your deepest honest desires, have also been made clear to people by Metaphysicians of all times and regions. "The Secret" only took these concepts to the mass media.

A central concept that is often missed is the following:

"The Universe is not punishing you...The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting. The more joyful you are, the more well-being flows to you."~Abraham-Hicks

This is truly the essence of the law of attraction, which is based on the law of resonance. We all vibrate like tuning forks and by the law of resonance attract the things that match our vibrations.

It is very good news that many people are finally realizing that the true answers to their lives are to be found within, not outside themselves. That is why they have started to search now for tools and techniques of personal growth and development, inner child work, meditation and spiritual healing.

There are many ways to put the law of attraction into practice. The methods are different, but the essence is the same. Some people use positive affirmations, some others create visualization boards, some use mind movies, some resort to manifesting manuals or expert coaching to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, while some others seek guided meditations to attract into their lives the health, the abundance and the love they desire to manifest.

Whatever the method you choose to use, keep in mind the following tips that I wish to share with you:

1. People usually believe that doing it leads to having it and to being it. The truth is that being it leads to having it and to doing it.

2. The more you struggle or fight against something, the less it is yours. The more you enjoy its essence, the more you become one with it.

3. You get what you love and appreciate, multiplied by trust and faith, but divided by limiting beliefs on quantity, sources, space and time.

If the limiting beliefs stored in your subconscious mind are stopping, obstructing or "vetoing" the energy flow of your positive thinking, consider reprogramming your subconscious beliefs through a subliminal audio program like my subliminal audio program for increasing prosperity and abundance in your life, or resort to a custom made subliminal mp3 tailored to your personal specific needs and desires.

4. Anything you seek in the outside world, seek it inside your true self first. If you only vibrate according to the outside "reality" you only become a mirror of it.

5. Constant attention to lack is the worse waste of time and energy. Release your attachments. Attachment means that you want something so badly that you focus strongly on your lack of it, hence you do not get it.

6. When you have a dream, but are not obsessed or attached to it and build upon appreciation of the blessings you do have, you are on the right track.

7. Welcome and appreciate all your blessings as the materialization of your true and honest joy.

8. Try to live your life from the inside out, not from the outside in. Be a cause of your life experiences, living creatively, not reactively.

9. I say to visual people: VISUALIZE your dreams; to auditory people: HEAR them; to kinesthetic people: FEEL them; to smellers: SCENT them; to tasters: RELISH them.

10. Embrace the sacredness of your very existence and realize that, as always, the real treasure is found within you.

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