5 tips to have a spiritual awakening. 

Why inspiration and spirituality are the way out and the mindful solution to the global state of affairs.

By Javier Ramon Brito

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The global state of affairs

2020 represented a major shift in global energies that made humanity suffer unexpected threats in the global health scenario, together with restrictive changes in the social, economic, political and cultural interactions of people, as well as in the freedom of movement and expression of the global population.

The detonator and epicenter of this global crisis, as everybody knows, was the sudden appearance of a new virus that posed a threat to the respiratory health of the population worldwide. This time it was not the lungs of the planet being threatened, but the lungs of people.

An Ayurvedic insight

In Ayurveda, the lungs are considered the seat of Kapha, which stands for the combination of the Earth and Water elements. An excess and imbalance in the Kapha energies creates stagnation, mucus and respiratory problems, together with emotional states like depression and lack of hope. This lowers the immunity system and make people more vulnerable to external threats to their respiratory tracks.

The Ayurvedic remedy to an imbalance due to an excess of Kapha energies is to increase the Vata energies (the combination of the Ether and Air elements). Hence the basic solution is to increase the spiritual connection (the Ether element) and the positive inspiration (the Air element).

Fear is your worst vibrational enemy

Fear is the demon that kills the power of Vata, so if your mental and emotional focus is on fear, you will not have access to the power of spiritual connection and positive inspiration. Fear robs energy to your immune system and lowers your vibrational state. In fact, fear is the lowest vibrational state you can think of. It is a real threat, no matter the trigger, to your optimal health.

When things were worse on the planet in 2020 (from March to July), the prevailing emotion of people worldwide was fear. And we observed indeed a significant lowering of the immune system of many people at global scale.

Anger leads to liver complaints

When things got slightly better on the planet in 2020 (from September to November), the predominant emotion of people worldwide seemed to have shifted from fear to anger, annoyance and severe impatience, after so many months of restrictive measures applied globally in an effort to contain the threat. This explains the numerous protests and demonstrations against those measures in many countries.

But it also explains something that only the accurate observer noticed: People worldwide started to experience some liver complaints. The liver is the seat of anger in Ayurveda and anger represent an excess of Pitta energies (the Fire element). This explains why people started to wake up in the middle of the night, between 1.00 and 3.00 AM (which is the time of the Liver meridian), or experiencing some liver pain, indigestion, some intolerance to fats, back pains around the area of the 5th dorsal vertebra or the right shoulder, fatty liver issues, etc.

Everything is connected holistically and your body never lies.

After 2020 and beyond

December 2020 was a different story because while the Winter solstice and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn gave some hope to many at vibrational level, some countries on the planet started to feel threatened by a so-called second wave or by a new strain or mutation of the same virus, so new restrictive measures were introduced in those countries in an attempt to contain the situation.

Therefore, as a consequence at an energetic level, some people on the planet have gone back to a prevalent emotional state of fear (which again lowers their immunity system), while others remain basically angry at the whole global situation.

Awakening to a higher state of consciousness

Some other people, however, have been “going within” during the whole time of the global crisis, harnessing the power of their spiritual connection and searching for inspiration out of the box, awakening to the truth beyond misconceptions or misrepresentations and therefore being in a better position to handle at personal level the current global state of affairs. They focus not on fear mongering news, but on uplifting energies of positivity, hope and love.

For this group of people their core hope is not dependent on external experimental solutions but on the power of truth, love and an unwavering faith that humanity will rise anew from the ashes of the global crisis.

They are increasing their immunity spiritually, energetically, emotionally and hence physically. They are correctly applying, intuitively, the wisdom of Ayurveda ad the five elements that govern the universe.

Five basic tips to awaken to a higher state

Here are five tips to enter into this mindful state of awakening:

1. Be more creative than reactive. Realize that if you are constantly giving your attention to what is happening in the external world according to the mainstream media, you are going to have a lot more fear, anxiety, worry and stress in your vibration.

2. Remain focused. Give your privileged attention to the things that truly matter to you and learn to say no to the many unimportant things that appear in your path or on your screen every day.

3. Go within. Every time you feel not centered, ungrounded, disconnected or overwhelmed, bring your awareness back to yourself and your essence. Focus on your present moment, your breath, your body sensations and observe your sensations, thoughts and emotions without attachment or judgment. Then reconnect with the bigger picture.

4. Take care of your energy. Cleanse your space, take deep mindful breaths, meditate, exercise, get plenty of sunlight and follow a nurturing diet. Remember that your diet is made not only of food, but includes everything you eat, see, think, hear, smell and touch. Cleanse your space and energy by letting go of those beliefs, traumas, or patterns of thought and behavior that do not help or serve your higher good.

5. Raise your vibration. Hold yourself in a higher state of consciousness by appreciating the simple, small moments of happiness and contentment in your day, being grateful for what you do have. Spend time in nature. Listen to high vibrational music. Read uplifting and inspirational materials. Reach out with kindness to those you love. Spread hope and optimism. Have always in mind the higher good of all.

Be the change you want to see in the world

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “we need to be the change we want to see in the world.”

Hopefully more people work on shifting their inner frequency and raising their vibration to this state of light and love in the current year, for their own benefit and for the benefit of the whole.

The butterfly effect. You matter.

Remember that “the flap of a butterfly´s wings can cause a tornado.” But by tornado we mean a positive vortex of energy for the benefit of all. You matter and yes, you can make a difference for yourself and the planet.

Enjoy "Awakening". My healing orchestral composition in 432 Hz, in Bb major.

75 75 75

75 75 75

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