Your Thymus Gland

Boost your immune system by strengthening the energy of your thymus gland

By Javier Ramon Brito

Your thymus gland controls the immunological defense system of your body. It is the master gland of your immune system. Your thymus gland stimulates the production of white blood cells (lymphocytes), which are an important defense against disease and infection. From a holistic perspective, your thymus also regulates the energy flow throughout your body’s energy system.

Natural products to stimulate your thymus gland

Thymus glandular pills or tablets of Thymus extract are available in some countries. They seem to be effective and helpful for people trying to stimulate and normalize their Thymus glands. In the realm of alternative medicine, Bee Propolis, the vitamin Niacin (as well as the full B-complex), the minerals Potassium and Sodium, and the amino Acids L-Phenylalanine and Tyrosine, are usually recommended.

Negative thinking weakens your thymus gland

One of the major contributions of applied Kinesiology has been the discovery that the Thymus gland is affected by your thoughts and attitudes. Kinesiology has demonstrated that if a person thinks positive thoughts, the Thymus gland tests strong. By contrast, when a person is a negative thinker, the thymus gland energy tests weak. Positive thinking is therefore relevant not only for law of attraction purposes, but also for increasing the energy of your thymus gland.

When people constantly think of their problems or illnesses focusing heavily on the negative side of them, leaving no room for a positive attitude, they are amplifying those problems or illnesses with their mind’s energy, causing those problems to stick with them and weakening at the same time the natural energy of their thymus gland.

Negative feelings hamper the energy of your thymus gland

Kinesiology has also demonstrated that negative feelings and emotions diminish the energy of your Thymus gland. A particularly negative attitude that weakens the Thymus gland’s energy is the one of feeling “attacked” by life, as Louise Hay has pointed out. The same applies when someone feels “attacked” by certain people, things or particular situations. These feelings have to be addressed if you want to clear the negative energy that is blocking your Thymus and your general immune system.

Negative feelings like hate, envy, and extreme fear hamper the energy of your Thymus gland, while the feelings of love, faith, trust, gratitude, courage -and the will to be well- raise the energy of your Thymus gland, as Dr. John Diamond has discovered in his practice of many years.

Helpful vibrational healing techniques for your thymus gland

In addition to carefully watching and avoiding as much as possible any negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes regarding your problems -while you learn to dwell in the positive and nurture feelings of love, faith, trust, courage and gratitude in your life-, some vibrational techniques are available to boost the energy of your thymus gland.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.), as well as Energy medicine, advice to physically tap your thymus point (located in the center of the upper part of your chest and your sternum, about 2 inches below the so called K-27 points) with the four fingers of each hand for about 20 seconds. Think of this as an improved version of the “Tarzan technique”.

Tapping your thymus gland –to wake it and align it– is recommended every time you feel bombarded by negative energy or when you are fighting and infection or feel that your immune system is being challenged, as Donna Eden advises.

Bach Flower remedies are also very helpful. You just need to target the precise negative emotions you are experiencing, in order to transmute them vibrationally by taking the appropriate flower remedy or remedies.

For instance, the remedy “Holly” is appropriate for those who are feeling hateful, jealous, envious, revengeful or suspicious. The remedy “Willow” is good for those who happen to have feelings of resentment or bitterness.

The remedy “Mimulus” is good for those who suffer a fear or known things, while “Rock Rose” is for extreme fear and panic and “Aspen” is for vague fears and feelings of anxiety or apprehension.

The remedy “Larch” is good for those who experience despondency because they feel they lack self-confidence. “Gentian” is good to transmute feelings of frustration, discouragement and the resulting self-doubt.

These are just some examples. There are 38 Bach Flower remedies that address different emotional states. If you want to know what is the most appropriate flower remedy for your own particular emotional situation, you can book a personal consultation with me.

Sound Healing for your thymus gland

People familiar with sound healing –another effective vibrational healing technique- know that not only the orbits and spins of our planets, but also the Chakra energy centers of our bodies and each of the different organs of our bodies resonate to specific musical notes at very specific frequencies measured in hertz.

As Dr. Deepak Chopra has observed, "the body is held together by sound —the presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune."

Sound healing is the vibrational healing technique that helps you tune the different chakras, meridian, organs and glands of your body to their natural frequencies.

Electronic sound healing works by producing electronically the exact, specific sound healing frequency for the appropriate chakra, meridian, organ or gland of your body. You can listen to the sound healing frequency (with headphones), and benefit from the healing vibrations pursuant to the principle of resonance, which states that anything that vibrates (as it is the case of the chakras, meridians, organs and glands of the human body) reacts sympathetically to its harmonic vibrations.

The thymus gland, as any other organ of your body, resonates to a specific sound frequency measured in hertz (352 Hz, as Dr. Barbara Hero has discovered). Since the science behind this healing sound resides in its exact frequency measured in hertz, I took interest in producing it -in its pure vibratory form- in my recording studio. This thymus healing frequency is offered on this site as a downloadable mp3 product together with a full set of sound healing frequencies for the main meridians and related organs of your body.

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Listening often to this sound frequency –with headphones- can help you wake, align and balance your thymus gland. This is useful also when you are trying to boost your immune system, when you feel bombarded by negative energy or are fighting an infection.

In addition, you can tap the thymus gland point -as mentioned above- while you listen to the sound frequency, or simply hum the sound -matching its pitch- to further increase your personal resonance with this healing frequency.

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