The Five Paths to Happiness

Discover 5 ways you can live a happier life

according to your own personality type

By Javier Ramon Brito

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Identify your most joyous path to happiness according to your own personality type. Gain clarity regarding what works for your type and what doesn't in terms of motivation, diet, career and problem solving.


the five paths to happiness

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We all want to live a happy life. But most of the time we look for happiness in the wrong place or take the wrong approach to it. When it comes to happiness, there is really not a "one-size-fits-all" recipe that works for everybody. We are all different. What makes someone happy may not be the ideal for another person. This is why my book The Five Paths to Happiness: The Keys to Living a Happy Life according to Your Personality explains several avenues or paths to happiness that you can choose from.

Why five paths? Because according to modern psychology, most people can be fitted into five categories. Because, according to ancient Eastern wisdom, there are five elements that govern the universe. Because the holistic systems that are used for healing, like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, are based on the interaction of five elements in the human body, mind and emotions.

The five alternative paths presented to you in this book come from a methodical observation of how the five elements that rule the universe can be translated into practical knowledge and choices for our daily lives.

Interestingly, these five elements also correspond to the five main personality types of people. They all have different traits and different potentials that rightly understood give you the key to living your life according to your own constitutional emotional structure.

The final chapter on how to increase your happiness dispels the myths that surround the achievement of happiness in our modern society and analyzes the true essence of happiness. It offers a sound alternative to the "rat race" in which many people are trapped and a happiness mindset for financial freedom and for living happiness everyday.

By knowing the five paths and understanding the true essence of happiness, people have a choice. You can be happier and live a happier life. This book shows you how.


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the five paths to happiness
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Identify your most joyous path to happiness according to your own personality type. Gain clarity regarding what works for your type and what doesn't in terms of motivation, diet, career and problem solving.

What Happy Readers are Saying About "The Five Paths to Happiness"

"An amazing book that gives you all of the tools you need to work towards personal happiness. I recommend this work for ANYONE striving to better their own life. This book will speak to you on a personal level and change your life!!!! A+++++++"
~ Kelkirra (rated review on Amazon)

"This book for me was a culmination of all I had learned or have seen on Happiness. The ideas were easily understood yet thought provoking. The end was one of those aha moments. Not only is the book a gift but I am one also. ABSOLUTELY A MUST READ for anyone wishing a life of mercy, grace and gratitude.!"
~ Kym Robertson (rated review on Amazon)

"This is one of those books I wish I could give more than five stars! I was truly so excited to pop on here and leave this review, because I know that someone out there right now needs this book to come into their life, just like I needed it in mine! I learned so much about myself, I found myself shaking my head, saying yes, yes, yes as I read about my personality, pretty much to a T in the Ether Element. I am a Reiki master and I’m always looking for ways to feed my soul and learn how to holistically nourish myself both emotionally and physically and this book helped me do just that. I had never even heard of the Element Ether, and I couldn’t believe my eye when I read the foods that are best for me are warm, oily foods, because I’ve been trying to really listen to what my body wants lately, and low and behold those are things I’ve been craving naturally. No wonder, it’s my personality type! I was so excited reading this I found myself enthusiastically reading parts of the book out loud to my husband! Lol.

Truly well written, engaging read that will amaze you and provide a wealth of knowledge that can only benefit your life! Mmm! Love it! I know you will too."
~ Mary Leckie (rated review on amazon)

"This book was an absolutely fascinating look at different personality types and what makes them happy. I love that the author addresses this issue by using a variety of different disciplines including religion, psychology, and science. While I’m not a believer in the different religions he referenced in the book, it’s fascinating (and quite true) how their historical interpretation impacts different types of people.

After reading, I found out that I am an air type and that communication is very important to me. I am happiest being able to share my thoughts and opinions with people. I also learned that my moods are frequently impacted by scent and that I enjoy being outside to walk and enjoy my environment – which are both totally true. I found it absolutely amazing that air types are often prone to nervousness and stress (YES!) and related illnesses like IBS, arthritis, and dry skin. For my diet, it says I should avoid yeast (YES!), cold salads, and coffee (YIKES). Hot teas like chamomile and ginger are best as are foods like soups and oats.

There was so much more information about my personality type and what makes me happy that I couldn’t possibly cover it all. The book addresses the paths that each personality type can take to maintain happiness including things like diet, job, thoughts, priorities, etc. If you’re in search of an eye-opening look at what really makes you happy, I highly recommend you read this book."
~ Ellen P. Lafleche-christian (rated review on Amazon)

"In a world where more people than ever are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress and even simply the negative effects of our modern age, we could all use a little extra happiness. But getting there can be a struggle.

In many cases, people are able to achieve a certain level of happiness, providing they're willing to make a change in their life that can lead to a better outlook. If you're ready to give the idea a try but you're not sure where to start, what to change or how to start your path to happiness, this book can help.

Using Eastern wisdom and holistic approaches such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, Javier Ramon Brito has outlined five paths, playfully described as 'happiness hacks'. They are designed to fit the personalities and lifestyles of different kinds of people, so you should be able to find one that helps you understand your life as it stands.

By the end of the book, you'll start to use a more informed approach to your happiness, taking all relevant factors into account, leaving you with a mindset that's focused on happiness.

With these tips, you can live a happier lifestyle and even achieve financial freedom should you apply your new found way of thinking to your work and financial life too. If you feel like you wish you were happier, give this a try. You've got nothing to lose!" ~ Kate Williams (rated review on Goodreads)

"Unlike other self-help books which usually put forward a single universal solution, this one presents five ways…There is a chapter dedicated to each of them presenting a basic description of their personality, also touching on their strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing ideal career paths, warning against challenges and offering solutions for them. As a bonus, Brito also specifies an appropriate diet, mentioning the foods that benefit and the ones that might bring harm to a certain type. All in all, if you enjoy reading self-help books, The Five Paths to Happiness by Javier Ramon Brito will not disappoint you. It is easy to read..."

"A creative way of approaching assisting people with finding happiness in their own lives... Any reader who is interested in finding happiness in their lives, or people who have a loved one struggling in this area, should definitely consider reading this book."

the five paths to happiness
All formats available
(Paperback, ePub, Mobi, PDF)

You will be able to select your preferred format
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