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Welcome to this site for personal growth, holistic healing, joy and success. The purpose of this site is to promote your personal growth and happiness, as well as your natural health and holistic wellness, with tips from Ayurveda, natural and alternative medicine, emotional intelligence and applied knowledge of holistic disciplines and spiritual wisdom. If you are looking for answers, meaning and purpose during this time of global change and consciousness shift, you are in the right place. The aim is to help you live a fuller, richer life, with more passion, awareness, joy and happiness.

It is great to make people think. But it is still better to make them feel good. That is why, in addition to informative articles for your personal growth and holistic healing with alternative medicine and energy medicine, I offer you videos, meditation healing music composed by me to inspire you, and sound healing frequencies to attune your chakras, body meridians and emotions to your inner place of natural health and wellness. With vibrational sound healing, you can heal your body, empower your mind and transform your emotions.

I also offer you subliminal audio programs designed to help you achieve your goals with the best use of the principles of the law of attraction, neurolinguistic programming (NLP)and self-hypnosis. These subliminal audio programs combine healing music with subliminal messages and healing frequencies (i.e. Alpha or Theta)that help you bypass any resistance coming from limiting beliefs that you may have stored in your subconscious mind and that sabotage your best conscious efforts to improve your life or achieve your goals when it comes to applying the law of attraction. What you want is to reprogram your mind towards your goals, and these subliminal mp3s help you to do precisely that.

I also give you the opportunity to design your own subliminal program, tailored to your specific needs and desires. You can write the script, choose the music, the binaural beats, the healing frequencies and other features of your subliminal audio, and I make it happen your you. These are custom made, personalized subliminal mp3s entirely tailored to your own wishes. Just imagine being able to listen to your favorite song and transform your life at the same time. That's what it is about.

You will also find on this website a broad range of holistic and alternative healing resources, including self-hep audio books, e-books, guided meditations, hypnosis downloads, spiritual transformation tools, Chakra healing methods, Ayurveda healing resources, and various energy healing techniques. Look for them in my articles, in the healing resources section, in the links section or in the right column of this site.

My healing articles address various aspects of your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit. They are listed on the left column of this site. You may wish to learn how to use Numerology to better understand your life path and your unique talents. Or how to heal specific conditions of your body. Or to learn more about the secret healing power of music. Or how to find the secret of success. Or how to make the perfect plan for anything. Or how to live the path of peace. Or how to discover your passion. These are just some examples of what you find on this site. Check the left column of this site for the full index.

While personal growth and particularly spiritual growth is usually associated with hard work, I hope you will find the advice and techniques provided on this site not only easy to understand but useful, effective and fun as well.

Spiritual awareness and enjoyment are often considered as opposites, but I take the view that they really go hand in hand. Joy is the emotional state that increases the energy of life. And joy is of utmost importance in the current shift of universal consciousness.

There is not really a path to joy. Joy is the way. So enjoy and have fun while you make progress in your journey of personal growth. I wish you light, love, happiness and much joy on your path.

Javier Ramon Brito

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Personal Growth, Holistic Health and Success Blog
Advice on personal growth, healing and success. Alternative medicine and sound healing for your body. Vibrational healing for emotions. Subliminals for your mind. Inspiration and music for your soul.
Prosperity, Money and Abundance Subliminal MP3 Audio
A powerful audio program for increasing prosperity, money and abundance in your life. Contains positive affirmations, healing music, subliminal suggestions and Theta frequency.
Self Love Audio Program
A wonderful audio program for self love (loving youself) and attracting more love into your life. Contains all positive affirmations and meditation music. Subliminal version also available.
The Solfeggio Healing Frequencies
Tune up your chakras in 7 minutes with the secret Solfeggio sound frequencies. For your convenience, these healing sounds are offered now in a downloadable format.
Tune Up your Body Meridians and the related Organs of your Body
How to balance your body meridians and their related human organs. From Acupuncture to Kinesiology, EFT and Sound Healing. Download the sound healing frequencies for each meridian.
Sound Color Therapy
Easily use sound color therapy to energize, relax, heal or inspire yourself. Learn about the natural properties of sound color frequencies and download the healing sounds.
Sound Healing
Vibrational sound healing products to heal your body, empower your mind and transform your emotions.
Personalized Subliminal MP3s. "For Your Ears Only"
Personalized, custom made subliminal mp3s tailored to your own specific needs. Reprogram your subconscious mind and improve your life with an mp3 audio created just for you.
Download Music for Meditation and Inspiration
Listen and download music for relaxation, inspiration, meditation, spiritual healing and well-being of your spirit, mind and body.
Background Music for Videos, Film, TV or any media project.
Background music for videos, films, TV or any media project. Easy to add and use.
Royalty-free Music for Health & Wellness and Holistic Products and Services
One-Stop Royalty-Free Music for Guided Meditations, Hypnosis, Subliminal CDs and Spas
Your Thymus Gland
Boost your immune system by strengthening the energy of your thymus gland
Your Thyroid
How to heal your thyroid and your fifth chakra. What you need to know to heal thyroid conditions like hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.
Heal your Colon with Natural, Holistic, Ayurvedic and Vibrational Remedies
Natural, Holistic, Ayurvedic and Vibrational Remedies for your Large Intestine
The Perfect Diet to Lose Weight and Gain Energy
What is the perfect diet? Watching calories? carbs? fats? Who is right? A holistic approach to dietary advice that reveals an often ignored truth that allows you to eat what your body really wants.
Ayurveda Tips to Improve Your Daily Life and Promote Healthy Diet and Lifestyle
Easy Ayurveda tips to restore your natural balance, health and energy in your daily life.
Cure Colds Fast with Natural and Home Remedies
Enjoy banishing a cold without medicine pills that your body really doesn't want to swallow. Natural and alternative remedies are more effective and without side effects.
How to Relieve Back Pain
Relieve back pain easily and naturally with holistic remedies.
How to Heal Tinnitus and Ear Problems the Natural Way
The nutritional approach. Natural Ayurvedic remedies, homeopathy, fifth chakra healing and music therapy for tinnitus and general ear problems.
How to Cure Nausea with Natural and Holistic Remedies
How to alleviate nausea with natural, ayurvedic and holistic remedies. Also emotional causes, positive affirmations and metaphysical approach.
Relieve Fatigue and Exhaustion the Natural Way
Enjoy fighting fatigue and exhaustion the natural way, without caffeine and stimulants and without crashes or withdrawals. Use only natural remedies and get more energy.
Life Energy and Vitality
What is life energy? Can you recharge it? What is the main source of Chi? How to increase your vitality the natural way.
Stress relief - Suggestions Including Holistic Remedies and Meditation
Stress relief. How to Manage Stress in 5 minutes without pills.
Overcome Depression Naturally and without Medicine
Heal depression without medication and without undesirable side effects. Give your body, mind and soul what they need. Alternative medicine, nutrition, vibrational holistic remedies and sound healing.
Overcome Disappointment Easily and Live Rich Experiences
How to deal with disappointment, despondency, discouragement or setbacks and easily overcome them. Do not let them prevent you from living rich experiences.
Feel Hope and Optimism
Overcome any sign of despondency and gain hope and optimism with vibrational remedies and emotional intelligence.
Joy in Your Life
Why joy is the number 1 to manifest your dreams. Understand joy from a healing and metaphysical perspective to improve your life.
Healing Resources
Useful Healing Resources and Tools for Your Personal Growth, Spiritual Healing and Holistic Well-being.
Law of Attraction Tips
Tips, meditations and manual on how to apply the Law of Attraction successfully.
How to make a perfect plan using successfully your left brain and right brain
Mood Food: The Relationship between the Food you Eat and the Law of Attraction
The impact of mood food in the thoughts you think, in the decisions you make and in the reality you create for yourself.<p>Why you think and feel according to what you eat.
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
Discover why you subconscious mind might be blocking your attempts to change. Learn how to reprogram your subconscious. Achieve the success and happiness you deserve.
The Secret of Success
Is hard work truly the one and only road to success? Discover the real secret of progress and success in your life.
Heal with Music. Discover the Secret Healing Power of Spiritual Music
Heal with music. Learn about the holistic healing power of musical tones used scientifically to balance not only your emotions, but also your meridians and the organs of your physical body.
How to Meditate with Music in 10 Easy Steps
Meditate with Music. Learn about entrainment and move into your desired direction. A guide in 10 easy steps.
How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness
Talk to your divine source and live, enjoy and spread peace.
Discover Your Life Purpose
7 Ways to Find Your Life Purpose: Numerology, the Writing Method, Ayurveda, Expert Dowsing, Wild Oat, Aura Color, and Spiritual Guidance.
How to Find Your Passion
Tips to find passion,purpose and happiness in your life. Make sure you live your dream and not someone else's dream.
How to Unmask False Gurus
Tips to avoid being misguided, deceived or manipulated by false gurus
The Indigo Awakening
What is the Indigo revolution? What are its main traits? Who are the Indigo children? Do you understand their sensitivities? And their mission on planet Earth?
Foster Your Abundance and Prosperity
Towards new ways of creating more abundance and prosperity observing the values of the global change.
Free Inspiring Videos
Free inspiring videos to foster your joy, healing and spiritual awareness during times of global change.
Javier Ramon Brito Quotes
Thoughts, insights and Javier Ramon Brito quotes about important matters.
Inspiring Quotes
Inspiring quotes about life, music, spirituality, healing, prosperity and happiness.
Improve yourself with audio books
No time to read? Improve your life with audio books!
About Javier Ramon Brito
About Javier Ramon Brito
One on One Phone Advice, Consulting and Coaching for Holistic Healing Solutions.
Personal phone advice, consulting and coaching with alternative, natural, holistic and vibrational healing solutions to your problems. Counseling is just a click away.
Contact Javier Ramon Brito to schedule personal phone consultations, order personalized subliminal mp3s, send invitations or music licensing proposals.
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